India Potential Outbound

  • At 1.4 Billion India constitutes 17.6% of the Worlds’ population.

  • Of the 1.4 Billion, the numbers that travel overseas is around 20 Million.

  • The encouraging reality is that these numbers have displayed a consistent growth pattern despite recent adversities.

  • For Indians International travel is now a necessity & no longer a luxury. Multiple breaks during the year has become a norm. Soft adventure is on everybody’s agenda. New, unexplored destinations is a popular desire. Celebrations such as Weddings; Anniversaries; Birthdays at overseas destinations have become a preferred choice.

  • The enterprising Tour Operators; Travel Agents, Airlines & the extremely resourceful Tourism Boards have created multiple segments within one market such as – Student’s Tours; Honeymooners; Only Ladies ; Senior Citizens; Only Vegetarians; Religious Tours etc. The list is endless. The intelligently executed ideas & the marketing around them have proven to be consistently successful.

  • The Diversity of India generates several markets within one market – which means that what works in the South may not work in the North, and what works in the East may not work in the West.

  • Hence the importance of having a local representative!

India Potential Inbound

  • A stable & progressive government

  • Efficient  & elegant International airports in all corners of the country

  • Rich ancient history

  • Modern infrastructure

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Immense bio-diversity

  • Wildlife

  • Spirituality

  • Cricket & Bollywood

  • India is the most interesting melting-pot of Asia, ready to welcome travelers from across the globe.

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