The India Potential

At 1.4 Billion India constitutes 17.6% of the Worlds’ population.

Of the 1.4 Billion, the numbers that travel overseas is around 20 Million.

The encouraging reality is that these numbers have displayed a consistent growth pattern despite recent adversities.

For Indians International travel is now a necessity & no longer a luxury Multiple breaks during the year has become a norm Soft adventure is on everybody’s agenda New, unexplored destinations is a popular desire Celebrations such as Weddings; Anniversaries; Birthdays at overseas destinations have become a norm.

The enterprising Tour Operators; Travel Agents, Airlines & the extremely resourceful Tourism Boards have created multiple segments within one market such as - Student’s Tours; Honeymooners; Only Ladies ; Senior Citizens; Only Vegetarians; Religious Tours etc. The list is endless. The intelligently executed ideas & the marketing around them have proven to be consistently successful.

The Diversity of India generates several markets within one market – which means that what works in the South may not work in the North, and what works in the East may not work in the West.

Hence the importance of having a local representative!


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