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Renuka Natu Travel Relations (RNTR) has been effectively & diligently assisting prestigious Travel brands on the Indian turf since 2010, with – complete Commitment; Clarity; Consistency & Credibility.

Identifying the potential of unique products & introducing them to the Indian market with in-depth research and working knowledge has been RNTR’s forte.

The success rate of such collaborations has been encouraging and rewarding at both ends of the spectrum.

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Strategic Market Advisor & Consultant for the Travel Industry Renuka Natu

Founder - Director “Renuka Natu Travel Relations”

In our beautiful trade of travel, everything is 3rd party, intangible & vulnerable! We function entirely & purely on ‘trust’ & on the conviction in our mutual abilities!

Entrusting a carefully curated & nurtured brand into the hands of a partner in a foreign land is like letting your child step out, learn to fly, thrive & succeed in unknown territory.

Nevertheless, if we must expand, we must enter & explore new frontiers, we must remain visible, we must endeavor to be understood in diverse societies.
Eventually the simple ultimate objective being – to get booked, referred, and re-booked!

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